More than a century has passed!

It’s the ninety century when V. de P. opens a bakery and biscuit lab with a food store in Viale Italia: bread is baked every day, fragrant and scented.

About the middle of the ninety century, the business is handed down to the son F. de P. who goes on with devotion the work of his father Vito. The secrets of bread-making are handed down from a generation to another one.

Sabino de Pascale

In the twentieth century Francesco’s son, S. de P., moves the business in Corso V. E., the main street in Avellino. The passion and art for leavened products rises with Sabino; indeed the bun covered from sugar icing, one of the favourite pieces of the well-known confectioner’s, is preferred by the rich and the poor for breakfast still nowadays.

The town of Avellino has an enduring memory of Sabino who dies under the bombs of the second world war while he is baking for the population. A medal to the honour and a little square dedicated to him near the historical confectioner’s, are recognition to his person.

Antonio de Pascale

From the 40s to the 50s, the management of the business goes to the cav. A. de P., master of business, who understands the potentialities and decrees the commercial increase of the confectioner’s. in the period of the economic boom, people want more and more, and after the social and food changes, the bakery and biscuit lab turn into a confectioner’s with thousands of delicacies.

The sweet at the end of the dinner is one of the symbols of the discovered prosperity. The bread-making becomes the starting point for further and more important innovations.

Roberto & Francesco

Now Roberto and Francesco de Pascale devote themselves to the activity inherited from their father, always respecting the bond between the tradition and the search of quality. The raw materials, the qualified employees and the careful and precise workmanship are the secrets for a very good and inimitable product. Moreover the broad and curious mind of the owners, ready to satisfy the change of tastes together the experiments of new products with the traditional ones, make this firm modern and up-to-date.

De Pascale ancient pastry shop through its products, one for all the babà, has established itself in regional and national area, spreading sweetness and flavors that will remain in the memory and taste of past and future generations